A Radio Adventure!

do3sps/p qth:LiliensteinAmateurradio provides a lot of the social connectivity and thus supports global peace.

This is a testamonial.

I like to meet other radio operators in person from different countries by low-cost traveling such as hitchhiking and hiking. Doing this I will collect media material for a documentary and lots of experience an for sure.

My personal Focus lies on the social and cultural conectivity of this awesome worldwide hobby, the people behind it and the excitement of independent  off Рgrid communication.
I like to find out how radio amateurs maintain a network of friendships and help each other.

As I travel I will

  • maintain a this hamradio travel blog to share my experiences
  • take lots of photos and video footage for a documentary
  • interview local radio amateurs (if they agree) for a documentary
  • take a look at amateur radio Stations for a documentary
  • get to know about thier projects for adocumentary

lots of 73’s from Simon, DL3SPS